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Garbage Collecting at ZhaoHe Grassland

date:2021-09-06 【Large】 【medium】 【small】 

Tourism wavers as Autumn approaches Hohhot. Being one of the most renowned scenic spots, ZhaoHe grassland entertains tourists coming from all around China(there used to be a lot of foreign tourists as well before Covid). During the busy summer season, countless people spend good time on the grassland, enthralled by the picturesque view.But the traces of their visits can stay much longer. At the turn of the season every year, North Land Cashmere pays a visit to the grassland and volunteers for garbage collecting.

The contribution a few people can make is limited, but as a traditional Mongolian cashmere factory, North Land Cashmere believes that deeds are not scaled by magnitude.  A good deed arouses awareness, however small it is. Furthermore, everything aside, taking care of and giving back to nature is what Mongolians consider an endowment that entitles them to this piece of great land.

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