How Cashmere Sweaters And Scarves Are Made

This is an oversimplified version of how a cashmere sweater/scarf is made and reaches customers.

Oversimplified Cashmere Production

Raw Cashmere Fiber

Collecting Cashmere Fiber in Mongolia
Collecting Cashmere Fiber

First you have the raw cashmere fiber that’s collected from cashmere goats. The raw fiber from goats looks nothing like anything wearable. It needs to first undergo many intense processes to become clean cashmere fiber ready to be spun into yarn.

Clean Cashmere Fiber

Cleaning raw cashmere fiber means getting rid of all foreign materials like dirt and debris. The process follows right after is carding and combing where all fiber are arranged in the same direction, which is a requirement for yarn spinning.

Cashmere Yarn Factory China
Clean Fiber

Cashmere Yarn

Mongolia Cashmere Yarn Factory
Cashmere Yarn

All sorts of yarn can be spun depending on what final products are being made. Each type of yarn is most suitable for certain styles so as a seller, if you manage to have a basic understanding of cashmere yarn, it will be immensely beneficial.

Knitted Cashmere Product

There are countless different products made from cashmere, but they can be divided into two main categories – knitted and woven.

Cashmere Sweater Made In Mongolia
Typical Cashmere Knitted Sweaters

Woven Cashmere Product

Cashmere Scarf Made In Mongolia
Typical Cashmere Woven Scarf

More often than not, it’s quite easy to distinguish a knitted item from a woven one as they differ both in appearance and physical characteristics.

Labeling and Packaging

At this stage, labels are added to your cashmere sweater/scarf, and they are also carefully packed so they can arrive at your warehouse safe and sound.

Hand Made Cashmere Sweater
Labeling a Cashmere Sweater


Mongolian Cashmere Manufacturer
Ocean Freight

An international shipment can take from weeks to months depending on means of transport so it’s crucial that all products are well protected during the journey.


Finally, after months of collaborative work between several companies that involve maybe hundreds of people or more, you have your chic cashmere styles on display.

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