why cashmere is best fiber

Why Cashmere Is The Best Fiber

“Soft Gold”, “Fiber Diamond”, such are the flattery names given to cashmere. But really, what is so special about cashmere that makes people obsessed? Is it just a hype or does it really deserve the credit?

cashmere knitting

Cashmere Knitting

Knitwear is stretchy, flexible, and can serve a dazzling variety of functionalities. This article offers you a sneak peek into how this old technology is applied to cashmere and wool.

how cashmere fiber is collected

How Cashmere Is Harvested

To make a cashmere scarf or sweater, the first step is to have the raw material. Do you know how cashmere fiber is collected? Is any harm done to the goats? How much fiber does a cashmere goat produce? Have a look at this article where these questions are answered.

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