Cashmere Weaving

How Cashmere Scarves are Made

Weaving Machine In Action

Weaving Cashmere Scarf

Weaving is the process of creating fabric by vertically crossing weft yarn with warp yarn

Warp Yarn and Weft Yarn
  • Warp yarns(also called ends) are pre-wound on a warp beam and is fed into weaving machine. There can be thousands of warp yarns wrapped around the beam through a process called warping.
  • Weft yarns(also called picks) are pulled by a shuttle that goes through warp yarn to create different patterns.
Warp Beam

One Weaving Cycle Consists of 3 Motions:

Weaving Cycle
  • Shedding: Separating warp yarns into two sheets so weft yarns can go through. Each warp yarn is controlled individually, making all sorts of weaving structures possible.
  • Picking: Weft yarns are placed between the two sheets of warp yarns with the help of a shuttle. Different weave patterns can be created based on how the warp yarns are separated.
  • Beating In: Newly-laid weft yarn is pushed towards the fabric already woven, giving the fabric desired density. (END)

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