Spinning Factory

Yarn Spinning Procedure

Hand Picking – Eliminating Coarse Dirt and Impurities


Second Hand Picking – Further Picking Out Impurities

Second Hand Picking – Further Picking Out Impurities

Carding – Sorting and Aligning Fiber

Carding Workshop

Coming(worsted) – Eliminating Thicker Fiber

Combing Workshop

Fiber Dyeing – MOQ 5-1000KG Depending on The Size of Vat

Fiber Dyeing Vat

Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Dyeing Laboratory

Color Assessment Room – Checking Color Accuracy

Color Sampling Machine

Color Samples – Confirmed Colors are Kept for A Certain Period of Time

Yarn Sampling Machine

Blow Room – Where Different Fibers Are Blended Before Spinning

Spinning Workshop

Spinning – Start

Spinning – Middle

Spinning – End. “Top” is Formed.

Thinning and Twisting. “Top” Is Refined Into “Roving”.

Winding – Twist Is Added.

Plying – Yarns of Different Plies Are Made.

Yarn Laboratory

Color Assessment

Yarn Evenness Tester

Yarn Count Tester

Yarn Tension Tester

Yarn Twist Tester


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