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Before we introduce our production processes , we'd like to tell you where our cashmere comes from .The Gobi Desert,  (Gobi meaning "very large and dry" in Mongolian language), is a vast region of desert and semi-desert covering southern Mongolia and parts of northern and northwestern Inner Mongolia. Wind from the Siberian Steppes causes the Gobi to reach −40 °C (−40 °F) in winter. The climate of the Gobi is of the most extreme, combined with rapid changes of temperatures and strong winds. 


Winter Herdsman

The ferocious weather has been a blessing in disguise when it comes to cashmere. Under such harsh conditions, the Gobi Goats have developed a very thin layer of down hair to protect themselves from blistering cold and treacherous winds. Cashmere from this region is known world-wide for its fineness, length and softness.

Winter in Gobi

Winter in Gobi

Winter in Gobi

The Arid Gobi

The Arid Gobi

The Unforgiving Gobi

Mogolian Girls On Horseback

Gobi Summer

On this arid land, nomadic Mongolians have roamed around for centuries and developed an unseparable relation with the animals they depend on. A Mongolian himself, Mr. Murun, whose family has been herders in Ordos area, Inner Mongolia, set out for a grand mission - a Mongolian cashmere factory working on an international scale. 

Ordos Area, Inner Mongolia

Among Mr. Murun's many achievements, the most notable one should be his Cashmere Goats Herding Base located in his hometown. This base is guaranteeing the company a reliable and constant raw material supply. It also means that we can have quality control over the source of the production line. 

The North Land Cashmere Goats Farming Base

Murun's Goats

Murun's Goats

Murun's Goats

Why do people collect cashmere? Is it harmful to the goats? In its nature, cashmere or wool are developed to protect the animals against cold. When temperature rises after winter, the hair is no longer needed so it will naturally shed, with or without human intervention. If a goat can't lose its thick coat properly, its growth will be stymied and in some extreme cases, death will occur. In general, collecting hair from goats and sheep at the right season itself is beneficial to the animals. Here at the North Land cashmere, we are giving our goats and sheep upmost care. They are raised on open grasslands and well fed. When cutting the hair, razors are used instead of scissors, which will sometimes cut the animal. 

Collecing Raw Fiber

Sorting and Selecting Raw Cashmere

Washing And Cleaning Cashmere

Dehairing(Carding) Cashmere

Raising Cashmere Goats

Maintaining A Balance Between Pasture And Livestock


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