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How Cashmere Sweaters Are Knitted? 

From yarn to sweater, the whole production process for knitting cashmere is displayed in this section. Our knitting factory is capable of following customer instructions to produce their styles or developing our own styles. The entire procedure can be divided into four main stages: Knitting - Linking - Finishing - Packaging, with QC done after every stage.

Knitiing - Stoll Knitting Machine

Our knitting factory is equipped with Stoll automatic knitting machine from Germany.

Knitting - Stoll Knitting Machine

Guages we can make are 3.5GG, 5GG, 7GG, 12GG and 16GG. 

Knitting - Swatches / Panels

Yarn is fed into knitting machine and what comes out is indepedent pieces of knitted fabric, known as SWATCH or PANEL.



Light inspection is done on swatches to detect any defect. 


The next step is to sew all the swatches together and the shape of a sweater is formed. The process is called LINKING.


Linking - Hand Stitching

In most cases, hand stitching is required after linking and after hand stitching, the rest of the procedure is what we call FINISHING.


Inspection is made on the garment before going to Finishing process.

Finishing - Washing

The first step in Finishing, washing is crucial for the hand feel of finished products.

Finishing - Spin Drying

The washed cashmere sweaters are spin dried first to get rid out of the water.

Finishing - Drying

And then the sweaters are dried until they're ready to be ironed.

Finishing - Steam Ironing

Washed and dried cashmere products are steam ironed. This is the stage where you can see the final size of the garment.


Another inspection is made before sewing the labels on.

Finishing - Labeling

Labels can be either machine sewn or hand sewn. WASH LABEL(CARE LABEL) is usually machine sewn along the seamline.

Finishing - Labeling

Labels can be either machine sewn or hand sewn. MAIN LABEL(WOVEN LABEL) is usually hand sewn on the inside back of the neck.


Final inspection to check on the product before packaging.

Packaging - Folding

Garment is folded nicely and put into a poly bag, or any kind of bag that's required.


Finished products are placed into the export carton box as required. And they are ready for shipment.


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