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How Cashmere Yarn is Spun?

As the source material for both knitting and weaving, yarn is much like brush and canvas a painter articulates with. Yarn is the building block and its quality directly correlates with that of final products. 

Cashmere fiber arrives at spinning plants usually in bales, a highly pressed package. The first step is to open, clean and blend the fiber, followed by the most important procedure in spinning - Carding, which is usually done on a big machine into which multiple functions integrated. The main purposes of Carding include eliminating neps and short fibers, blending fibers, orienting fibers, and forming roving at the end. 


Multifunctional carding machine.


Cashmere fiber in carding process.


Sliver being formed.


End of carding process - roving.

The next procedure is spinning, where roving is attenuated and twisted to form yarn. The roving is a loose strand of fiber with a small amout of twist. In spinning process, required twist is inserted into roving and the yarn produced is wound on bobbins. Depending on usage, different twist rates are required and if they are unmatched, finished products will have problems beyond repair. 


Spinning process.


Yarn being wound on bobbins.

The final step is to wind the yarn onto cones and it's ready for usage. 



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