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Love What You Do. Love Whom You Do It With. 

Our company has been bestowed with some of the best people in both manufacturing and trading. And we have never stopped finding such people as we firmly believe that everything finally comes down to finding the right person to do the right thing. Our repertoire is a combination of old and new employees to keep The North Land Cashmere experienced and fresh. 


General Manager


At North Land: Since 2008

Mr. Murun, a Mongolian born in Ordos area in 1973, ignited his passion for cashmere right after his graduation. Intelligent and hardworking, not only did he learn a lot about the industry but he also gathered a huge amount of professional knowledge and resources throughout the years. The source of his impetus comes partly from ambition in temperament, and partly from sentiment towards his family, who has been herdsmen for centuries. His vision was materialized when he set up the company in 2008. Almost thirty years into the industry, now he is set for any challenge that an ever changing market has to offer.


Operation / Product Consultant


At North Land: Since 2008

One of the earliest members of our company. With her profound knowledge on products, kindness in nature, she has proven herself to be a loyal friend, a reliable partner, a generous teacher and, moreover, a trustworthy big sister.


Manager(Knitting Factory)

Wu QingMei

At North Land: Since 2008

In her early life, Mrs Wu studied textiles and management in Shanghai and was invited to Mongolia as a cashmere expert. On her return a few years later, she met Murun and was given an offer she could not reject - a Mongolian business. Yes, she is Mongolian as well. Mrs Wu's contribution to the factory has been unparalleled. Her strict managing styles are what keeps everything in line.


Artwork Designer(Knitting Factory)

Huang ChaoXiu

At North Land: Since 2008

Mrs Huang originally started as a knitting worker at The North Land factory and worked her way up in lockstep with the company's development. Infatuated with every knitting structure, she learned not only how to knit, but how to fabricate knitting, resulting in her own metamorphosis. Now her skills at designing, which are more practical than theoretical, are on a par with those of an expert. 


Artwork Designer(Knitting Factory)

Shi WenYing

At North Land: Since 2015

Mrs Shi took on this career since the day she started working and has never deviated from the path. Now with over 30 years of experience, she can express any style on paper with ease. More importantly, she is proficiently sharing her well of knowledge with her youngsters, keeping them more than well-fed and confident.


Knitting Programmer(Knitting Factory)

Ma GuoPing

At North Land: Since 2013

Mr. Ma used to be an avid traveler who worked at many different companies from northeast China to Hohhot. The only thing that has never changed is the companionship of the Stoll knitting machine, which he has spent more time with than probably with his family members.


Operation / Showroom Manager


At North Land: Since 2011

Delhii, another Mongolian(as you may have guessed from his name) glued to the company, finished his master's degree in laws in Japan but settled himself as a Northlander. Reticent, stoic, dauntless, he's shown no vacillation to the vagaries of a mercantile world. Intolerant towrds mistakes of others and of his own, he is trusted and awed at the same time. 


Graphic designer/ Product Consultant


At North Land: Since 2014

With a sharp insight into fashion and competence in designing, Eva is responsible for our company's visual works. She is the inspiration behind our company's brand logos, web designs and many unique cashmere styles that we have developed over the years. "Do not give away the world to people who are boring and without a sense of fashion", such is her motto that she is immersing herself into a world of aesthetics.



Zuo WeiChen

At North Land: Since 2016

Our gifted photographer is sentimental, thoughtful, curious and at times bipolar. The unfathomable Universe, the boluder in a creek, the petal of a flower, can all be ingredients of his love for nature.  Believing in turning the complicated into simplicity, honing the simple down to perfection, he tried hard to find his answers. Now we believe he's found one - between pigment and pixel, he's making his own interpretation, a self-declaration.


International Marketing


At North Land: Since 2015

Sharing the same ethnicity, the same values, and the same goals, Murun and Tergel are working diligently to establish the company as a truly well-received cashmere manufacturer and exporter with distinct Mongolian features. They both consider cashmere an elegant gift from the animal their race has depended on and taken care of(the Mongolian Cashmere Goats). He is now entrusted with the exacting yet honorable task of introducing his company, furthermore the beautiful Mongolian cashmere, to a massive audience. 




At North Land: Since 2018

The ten-year stint as a trader in Mongolia soaked Young into Mongolian culture to its fullest extent. His attachment fostered during those ten years to the great Gobi desert, the ferocious winter, and the galloping horses made him susceptible to finding his way into a Mongolian cashmere company. Garrulous, dynamic, playful, easy-going, Young is more of a friend to both colleagues and customers than a shrewd businessman. 


IT Consultant / E Commerce Specialist


At North Land: Since 2018

Eric majored in engineering and further studied in the United States for two years. When he started working, he didn't like it and turned himself into an IT geek overnight. He set up his own server; he made his own websites; he started his Amazon... Quiet and unmoved,he does not speak his words, he murmurs them. Persevering and obstinate, his compromise is made to the ones he reveres, not to the ones he fears. It's both pleasure and torture to watch him painstakingly working on the most minuscule details. Every color has to be purified; every word has to be refined; every pixel has to be aligned. He is doing it the hardest way, but that's his only way.




At North Land: Since 2018

A young girl so proud of being Mongolian and working at a Mongolian company, Winnie is giving it all and gaining it all. Late night negotiations with customers, weekend visits to factories, every extra bit of time she's spending is paying off. She's absorbing everything fast and solid. And the energy and perkiness she's emanating - the trademark of being young - is one thing irreplaceable. 


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