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Sustainable Cashmere

Traditional Mongolian herdsmen ourselves, we uphold cashmere production and consumption practices that prioritize environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

cashmere and environment protection

Responsible Grazing

North Land Cashmere promotes responsible grazing practices, such as rotational grazing and land management strategies that maintain the long-term health of pastures.

Animal Welfare

Ensuring the well-being of cashmere goats is a crucial aspect of sustainability. This involves providing proper nutrition, living conditions, and veterinary care to the animals.

Environmental Conservation

To minimize the environmental footprint of cashmere production, North Land implements eco-friendly farming, reducing water usage, and adopting environmentally friendly dyeing methods.

Supporting Local Communities

North Land Cashmere also advocates fair labor practices and supporting the communities where cashmere & wool products are produced.

Quality Production

See how your cashmere products are fabricated from scratch to finish by our experienced team.

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Quick Response

We value your time greatly and you are guaranteed to receive our response within the same day, or just in hours.

Expert Advice

As a factory, we are good at production and happy to offer professional advice that facilitates your product development.

On Time Delivery

With both samples and bulks, we strictly follow the schedules agreed and make sure none of your deadlines is missed.

Design Assistance

For customers without a design team, we offer new styles periodically so that they can choose and put their labels on.


We are open minded and eager to exchange industry information with our customers so they can make informed decisions.


From small to large orders, we offer flexible services(pricing, production, and shipment) that meet your specific needs.

North Land cashmere goat farm in Inner Mongolia

Mongolian Heritage

We live on a land that is harsh and unforgiving, yet vibrant with energy.

North Land Cashmere Goat Farm

We have our hereditary cashmere goats farm in Uxin Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China - home to Mr. Murun's Mongolian family.

Mongolian Culture

To understand our business is to understand our people. Through the ups and downs of the centuries, Mongolians have established themselves as an ethnicity with rich culture.

The Great Landscape

Inner Mongolia is massive, and massively beautiful. Explore Inner Mongolia's diverse beauty, from sweeping grasslands to whispering deserts, and Mongolian culture, a tapestry woven with bravery, honesty, and deep affinity for nature.


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North Land Cashmere is a Mongolian cashmere factory and exporter located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China.

Mainly cashmere and wool, and a certain amount of silk and yak.

Our cashmere, lambswool, and normal wool are from Inner Mongolia;

Merino wool is from Australia and New Zealand;

Yak is from Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu in China;

Silk is from Zhejiang in China.

We make everything cashmere and wool, both knitted and woven.

Printing and dyeing are also part of our main categories.

120,000pcs of knitwear;

1,500,000pcs of woolen scarves;

100,000pcs of worsted scarves.

For knitwear our MOQ can be as low as 10pcs with stock service yarns. For custom yarns, MOQ is 60kg per color;

For woven products MOQ is generally 60kg per color but negotiable depending on styles.

Pre-payment to start sampling. Samples are charged 2 times bulk price;

Lead time is loosely 10-20 days but negotiable;

Samples are sent via DHL, FED-EX, UPS, TNT etc and shipping cost is paid by customer.

30% deposit to start production, and 70% balance against B/L. Payment terms T/T, L/C;

Lead time 2-4 months depending on quantity, style etc;

Closest ports are Tianjin for sea shipment and Beijing for air shipment. However, other ports are also acceptable.

For cashmere products, material waste during production and profit margins are two main parts that decide prices.

Since cashmere is so expensive, a penny saved during production is a penny earned. We have the best experienced technicians meticulously working at each single manufacturing process to minimize any excess waste. With technical pieces, we also offer suggestion to our customers for tweaks and refinement to keep prices down while maintaining the essence of the original design.

Very reasonable margins are added to the products we make with an insight to establish a long-term business relation.

You can either choose from our styles, or have us make your styles from physical samples, tech packs, or even photos.

All the trims that come with the product are customizable, like buttons, zips, embroideries etc.

Labeling and packaging are also customizable.

Firstly, we are traditional Mongolian herders living on the Great Gobi Desert. As a result, we know all the details about our cashmere goats, including how to ethically source cashmere fiber. Most importantly, our culture and religion prohibits ill-treatment of animals and other living creatures.

Secondly, we are a member of Sustainable Fiber Alliance. In other words, we are staying up to date with the latest sustainability policies.

Thirdly, all our production meets international standards.

In addition, we are an active player in social activities that benefit our community.


Love what we do. Love whom we do it with.

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