Origin of North Land Mongolian Cashmere Company

We are traditional Mongolians who run a Mongolian Cashmere Factory. The owner, Mr. Murun, is from a traditional Mongolian family in Ordos area, Inner Mongolia, China, where they have been raising Arbas cashmere goats as a living for almost a century. Moreover, all the key employees of the company are Mongolians who have been in the cashmere industry for many years. As a result, North Land is now a flagship Mongolian cashmere factory in Inner Mongolia.

From Traditional Cashmere Factory to Solution Provider

Prior to setting up his Mongolian cashmere company, Mr. Murun had already worked in the cashmere industry for more than a decade. Since his company came into being in 2008, Mr. Murun has been exporting all types of products made from sustainable Mongolian cashmere to the global market.

Unlike old-style cashmere factories, North Land cashmere puts its focus on offering excellent services to customers, helping them to establish and enhance their brands. With this strategy, North Land has evolved into a flagship Mongolian cashmere factory in the area and it has already set up its UK and Stockholm offices.

Wide Product Range for Cashmere and Wool

As a cashmere factory, North Land offers a dazzling variety of products made from the finest sustainable Mongolian cashmere and wool fiber, including but not limited to cashmere scarves, sweaters, capes, ponchos, socks, gloves, beanies, and loungewear like robe, blanket etc.

North Land Ethics - Eco-friendly and Socially Responsible Cashmere

Being socially responsible is a crucial part of how North Land conducts its business. Everything aside, Mongolians always have a strong tie to their communities and the land they live on. The bond between Mongolians and the animals, together with the landscape, makes the responsibility even greater when they walk out of their range land and become an enterprise. Check our posts to see more details on how North Land is making cashmere even more desirable.

Company Name and Address

The North Land is the registered brand name of Huhhot Harmony Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. which is a Mongolian Cashmere factory and exporter located in Jinchuan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China. For more information, please check our Contact Page.