Sustainable Mongolian Cashmere and Wool.


All the cashmere fiber North Land uses is sustainable Mongolian cashmere that comes from cashmere goats living in Inner Mongolia, famous for the best cashmere quality it produces.

  • North Land animal welfare
    Animal Welfare and Ethical Cashmere Sourcing

    As Mongolians, our relationship with animals is comparable to that between fish and water. We have depended on the animals for thousands of years to survive on the great Gobi desert. As a result, respect to animals has long become a tradition, and our culture and religion further enhances this relation. To know more about how our ethical cashmere fiber comes into being, please check: How Sustainable Cashmere Fiber is Collected.

  • North Land environmental awareness
    Environmental Awareness as Code of Conduct

    As an enterprise, we take part in social activities that benefit our community. Furthermore, we work with partners who are equally aware of the impacts of their behavior. Consequently, we are able to guarantee that our whole production process is under a mutually agreed code of conduct. It ensures that all products meet our standards of sustainability.

  • North Land certificates
    International Standards for Ethical Cashmere Production

    All the materials we source, from raw fiber to finished products, meet international standards. We are also helping and encouraging our business partners in confirming to the requirements of their region and market. Meanwhile, our factories undergo human right audits such as BSCI and SMETA. This is to ensure that there is no human right abuses among our cashmere factories.