Our cashmere goat farm is in Uxin Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. It is home to Mr. Murun's Mongolian family, and it is also the southern boundary of the great Mongolian Plateau. Although Mr Murun's family has been living on the land for almost a century, they are actually migrants from Outer Mongolia.

Part of the great Gobi Desert, the Uxin region is a dry inland with harsh weather. However, it is this unforgiving condition that gives rise to one of the most valued raw materials - cashmere.

cashmere goats on North Land goats farm

Traditional Mongolian Life

Cashmere goat farming is the main source of livelihood on the great Gobi Desert because this arid land doesn't have a lot to offer. That is to say, the thin vegetation is much more suitable for a nomadic way of life. Despite its massive size, the region only has a small number of Mongolians leading their traditional life.

If you are curious about the Mongolian life and how we harvest cashmere fiber, please check this Youtube video.

herders on North Land goats farm

A Note to Dear Reader

North Land is a Mongolian cashmere manufacturer run by Mongolians from Order, Inner Mongolia, where we have a hereditary grassland of 1000 acre. On our cashmere goat base, Arabas cashmere goats(one of the best cashmere goat breeds around the world), Merino sheep and Suffolk sheep are raised as family treasure.

Being herders for centuries, we have coexisted on this arid land with our animals through great resilience and ingenuity. The people or the animals, none is more important than the other to this land. It is this symbiosis that defines and differentiates North Land.

You are always welcome to visit our cashmere farm.

- North Land

winter on North Land goats farm

goats and sheep on North Land goats farm