Customer should send us their style references so that we can quote estimated prices. The references can be physical samples, tech packs, detailed instructions, web links, clear photos etc.

Customer should approve the estimated prices before we go to actual sampling. Bear in mind that we will offer final prices only after physical sampling.

If Customer selects from North Land styles and no changes are required, we will quote prices as final.


We charge two times bulk prices for samples.


We usually burden the sample shipment cost when the samples are charged two times bulk prices.

However, if the sample is offered free of charge, Customer should burden the shipping cost.

When we burden the shipping cost, samples are delivered via either FEDEX or DHL, whichever is cheaper.

Sample delivery should take 5-7 days via FEDEX or DHL.


For samples with values under USD300, we prefer PayPal payments. For anything above, bank wire transfer is required.

Customer should pay the full value of samples for us to start sample production.

Lead Time

Samples usually take 15-30 days to produce depending on their complexity. The accurate lead time should be settled through negotiation.

Notes on Knitwear Sampling

We don't have quanity restrictions with knitwear sampling so you can make whatever quantity you prefer.

But for the colors of knitwear samples, Customer needs to choose from the color books we offer.

Notes on Woven Wear Sampling

Woolen: 50-300pcs per size per style is the minimum quantity required for sampling depending on the size and thickness of the product. No restrictions on the colors.

Worsted: Since worsted products come in many varieties, please contact our team for details.

Modifications on Samples

After Customer receives the first samples, they can require modifications as they see fit.

Note that any change made might affect pricing, in which case updated prices will be offered.

Finalizing Samples

Both the details and the prices of samples should be finalized before going into bulk production.

No changes are allowed during bulk production.